Best Black Friday Dyson Deals

Black Friday is here and whether you’re looking for a bargain for yourself or you’re using the sales to make a start on your Christmas shopping list, we’re here to help you find a top deal. 

To see all the Black Friday deals we’ve found, have a look at our round-up of the best Black Friday tech deals across all tech categories: phones, laptops, smartwatches, PCs, Macs and more.

Best Dyson deals right now

Best Dyson discounts: What to look for

Dyson products come with an equally high-end price tag. As reviewers, this is the point at which we have to draw a distinction between want and need. There are very few instances where we’ll recommend the Dyson because we think you’ll really need it. But do we think you’ll want it? That’s another matter.

Its products are not often discounted, so if there’s something on your wish list and there’s a decent price reduction, it’s a good idea to get it while you can. We’d suggest checking back often.

But for those of you who want to upgrade to a Dyson appliance in every room, these are the key products available.

Vacuum cleaners

We can’t say that Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners are still in a class of their own, as they once were, but we can say they’re still among the very best. 

In general, there are deeper discounts on the older V11, V10, V8 and V7 models. These are still high quality, and you’re more likely to make serious savings in the sales. You’ll get a slightly shorter battery life, a bit less power and a smaller dustbin, but their performance is still very strong, and would definitely be enough to keep a flat or a smaller home clean.

You should bear in mind that while Dyson cordless cleaners have HEPA grade filters, the fact that they are bagless means that a certain amount of the rubbish you just vacuumed up is going to make its way back into your home when you empty the dust bin. If you have a dust allergy, a bagged vacuum cleaner may still be the best option for you.

There are different versions of each generation of vacuum cleaner and at first glance, it’s not clear what the difference is between the Absolute, the Animal and the Motorhead. It all comes down to the attachments and cleaning heads that come with each model. The Animal, for example, is optimised to deal with pet hair.

Finally, Dyson has a new robot vacuum, the 360 Heurist. To find out more, you can check out our hands-on review.

Fans, heaters and air purifiers

Dyson keeps expanding its range of fans, so there are a lot to look out for. Expect the lowest prices on the Dyson Cool fans, which are the regular bladeless fans (still an arresting design).

To reduce the number of heating and cooling appliances you need (if not their cost) and get rid of your ugly old space heater, then look out for Dyson’s Hot + Cool range – as the name suggests, these act as both heaters and fans, making them useful year-round.

Then there’s the Pure Cool range. These are combined fans and air purifiers, ideal if you’re worried about air quality in your home. There is a Pure Hot + Cool if you want the works, but this is actually an older model and will lack some of the refinements added in the current Pure Cool range. All of these are smart appliances and will connect to the Dyson app.

Finally, Dyson also makes a humidifier. This is usually less appealing in the UK, where damp tends to be a bigger issue than dryness, and unfortunately that niche means it’s unlikely to see any serious savings here.

Hair stylers

Dyson took its airflow knowledge and moved into haircare technology, beginning with the Supersonic hair dryer, which promises to dry your hair without the high heat that can damage it. In spite of the fact it’s a few years old now, its price is holding steady at £299.99. The most we’ve seen it discounted is by about £40.

To see what we thought of the Supersonic and check out some more reasonably priced options, have a look at our list of top-rated hair dryers.

This was followed up with the Airwrap styler, which harnesses the Coanda effect to curl hair. (The Coanda effect is when air or liquid flows against a surface, clinging to it – it’s what causes your coffee, annoyingly, to run down the outside of your mug instead of pouring when you’re trying to tip a bit out.) It comes with a range of attachments, including a dryer, and retails for £399.99. 

There’s also Dyson’s hair straightener, the Corrale. It has floating plates for better contact with your hair and, unusually for a styler of this kind, you can use it cordless. You can find out more in our review.


Dyson also has three lighting options, all of which promise to protect your eyes and deliver the correct lighting for the task at hand. They’re engineered by Jake Dyson, James’ son. The first is the CSYS task light, which has glare protection and low optical flicker, to help you focus on the job in hand.

The next product is the Lightcycle, a desk lamp that adjusts its brightness and bulb colour to match the patterns of local daylight. It’s controlled via an app and if you enter your age in the app, it will also tailor its light to the requirements of your eyes (older eyes need more light). Thanks to its heat pipe technology, Dyson promises that the Lightcycle LEDs should continue to function, without discolouring, for 60 years.

The Lightcycle comes in both a desk light and floorstanding model.

The latest launch is the Lightcycle Morph. It not only matches the Lightcycle in terms of function but also has the added features of transforming between four types of lighting: indirect, task, feature or ambient light.     

Where to find Dyson offers

First up, the obvious place to check is Dyson’s online shop. The company rarely discounts except to price match other retailers, but it is a good place to start to give you a sense of RRP, if nothing else.

Next, visit other online retailers as they will often slash prices on older models that Dyson itself no longer stocks.

Amazon is one of the best places to look first, and your first port of call should be the Deals of the Day. These discounts are offered for a limited time (often for a few hours only), or until stocks run out – they’re also known as Lightning Deals.

We’d recommend signing up to Amazon’s 30 day free trial of Prime, which will not only get you access to Lightning deals 30 minutes earlier than non-Prime members, but will also get you free next-day delivery. Plus, you’ll get access to Prime Video, which you can access through your smart TV, and other benefits during your trial, too.

If you’re in the UK, head over to the official Dyson outlet. This is where you can pick up refurbished Dyson products that come with a full one or two year guarantee, free UK delivery and over a month to change your mind about your purchase.

Other great UK-based retailers include Argos, Currys, AO, and Very. It’s always worth keeping John Lewis in mind too – the company’s price match policies mean it often equals the best deals from other retailers, while including better customer service and warranty policies.

Best Dyson deals

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